Meet our team! Below you will find who is part of the MangoCraft Staff team and who they are!

MetooMango (Owner)
The mastermind that started all of it. Our lord and saviour... our king... our... mango?

Freezz (Admin)
The designer and mastermind's right hand man. They say he eats nothing but oats.

Lucrious_ (Discord Admin)
Concerned mother of the Discord Server. Probably has not played since testing when the server just came out, but no one really knows.

WandererCore (Mod)
People say that his journey never ends...

SovietBear_ (Mod)
Legends say he is still planning a revolution.

deereste (Builder)
The token American of the Staff team.

fluffypuffynut (Helper)
I am like a father to this server forever feeling old and broke...

xNanny (Helper)
The new recruit.